roast chicken with parsley tarragon butter
roast chicken, lemon, garlic, tarragon
roast chicken with lemon, garlic, rosemary x 6
roast chicken with garlic, lemon, coriander x 2
roast chicken x 12
chicken sandwich x 5
club sandwich
grilled mustard chicken
chicken leg
cajun chicken
roast chicken wings
grilled chicken thighs x 4
chicken satay
chicken coconut soup and rice
chicken curry
tandoori chicken
tandoori chicken legs
tandoori chicken breasts
chicken tikka masala
butter chicken tikka
chicken tikka x 2
kashmiri chicken
barbecued chicken x 4
chicken breast with lemon on white toast
chicken with mustard and lemon x 6
chicken with yoghurt and lemon and spring onion
sweet and sour chicken x 2 with chinese cabbage leaf
chicken mushroom stir fry
chicken salad
chicken ? (indian)
roast poussin
chicken salad sandwich with barbecue sauce
chicken sandwich with lettuce, mustard mayonnaise
caesars salad with blackened chicken
caesars salad with cajun chicken x 2
spinach and chicken and yoghurt pasta
chicken and rice
chicken and rice and peas
kentucky fried chicken x 5

roast duck in cranberry sauce
roasted long island duck
duck breast with honey
crispy duck
breast of duck

roast turkey x 3
roast turkey (cranberry jelly, bread sauce, roast potatoes, roast vegetables, gravy)

roast pheasant in mustard cream sauce

lamb chops, lemon, butter x 3
lamb and coconut curry
lamb kleftiko
lamb kebab
tandoori lamb chops marsala
roast lamb with onion sauce
Greek lamb chops
Indian lamb ?
grilled lamb on lentils with tomato, thyme, garlic, parsley, tomato x 2
roast lamb x 3
lamb chops x 3
lamb souvlaki
lamb stew
barbecued lamb

wiener schnitzel

fried steak
steak and chips x 2
skirt of steak and chips, bernaise sauce
porterhouse steak
roast beef, yorkshire pudding
salt beef sandwich
pastrami sandwich x 6
1/4pounder mcdonalds with cheese
cheese burger and fries
shepherd’s pie
oxtail stew

pork chops x 3
pork chop with coriander and paprika
pork chop with sage and tomato x 4
pork chop masala x 11
sweet and sour pork with chinese cabbage leaf
pork sandwich
pork roasted in balsamic vinegar and onion x 2
roast pork x 2
sweet and sour ribs with chinese cabbage leaf x 3
sweet and sour ribs
barbecued ribs x 2
pork medallions in ginger and teriaki

sausages and beans
sausage and fried egg with mustard and white bread
Lincolnshire sausages
boar and apple sausages x 4
barbecued sausages
sausage sandwich
sausage and spinach salad x 2
sausages x 6
baguette with ham
salami x 8
chorizo x 3
hot dog

bacon on toast x 3
bacon and avocado sandwich
bacon and tomato sandwich x 2
blt x 2
pancakes with maple syrup and bacon

baked ham
ham sandwich x 2
ham with cumberland sauce

bacon, scrambled egg, toast
bacon, cheese, tomato, oat cake
bacon, egg, black pudding, bread
bacon and scrambled eggs x 3
ham and poached eggs
poached eggs, ham, muffin
bacon, egg, tomato, black pudding, mushrooms
poached eggs and ham on toasted muffin
bacon, egg, mushrooms, black pudding, toast
bacon and egg sandwich
bacon and egg and tomato x 2
bacon, egg, tomato, black pudding, mushrooms
bacon, egg, tomato, mushrooms, toast
bacon egg tomato herb crostini
bacon and egg in oatcake
poached eggs with bacon
scrambled egg with bacon and ham
poached eggs with ham x 3
ham and swiss omelette x 3
spinach and pecorino omelette
ham and jarlsberg omelette

eggs florentine
eggs benedict
scrambled eggs on toast x 5
scrambled eggs on toasted muffin
scrambled eggs on cholla
scrambled eggs on matzos
courgette omelette
herb omelette x 3
herb omelette (basil, thyme, parsley) with goat cheese
smoked mackerel omelette

blinis with smetana, smoked salmon, caviar, onion, egg
mushroom, tarragon cheese ham crepe
cheese ham and mushroom crepe

onion tart

smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on toast x 3
smoked trout scrambled eggs on onion bagels
smoked trout and scrambled eggs on white toast x 2 with dill
salmon and cucumber
smoked salmon, cream cheese, onion, bagel x 5
smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel x 22
ham and swiss bagel x 3
bagels with jarlsberg x 2
bagel with emmenthal x 3
bagel with cream cheese
bagel with cream cheese, smoked salmon, onion, tomato x 2
toasted bagel with smoked trout, cream cheese, tomato, onion, capers, lemon x 2
smoked salmon on toast
smoked salmon on rye bread
smoked trout on toast
salmon koulebiaca
nova scotia salmon on toasted bagel with cream cheese, tomato, onion, olive x 2
gravadlax with potato cakes and creme fraiche

pilchards on toast

grilled mackerl
baked sea trout
salmon fillet with soy and lemon sauce
grilled salmon steak with tarragon, lemon
baked salmon
baked rainbow trout
fried shrimp
sauteed halibut
boiled lobster
fettucine with lobster
barbecued sardines
lobster medallions in seafood sauce on linguine/five pastas?
spicy lobster pancake
cod and chips x 6
fried haddock in breadcrumbs
shrimp cocktail x 3
egyptian style fish with almonds, raisins, capers
squid stir fry x 3
monkfish curry
rock oysters
Irish oysters
fruits de mer
broiled florida dolphin
mackerel with soy and horseradish x 2
crab avocado bacon salad
poached salmon and potato salad
smoked mackerel pate
taramasalata with bread/pitta x 14

potato and carrot soup
leek potato and carrot soup
vegetable soup
minestrone soup
chicken soup x 9
lobster bisque
fish soup
sardine soup
chicken noodle soup with mushrooms
tom yum soup x 2

margarita pizza x 14
american pizza x 3
american hot pizza x 7
margarita pizza with onion x 7
pepperoni and onion pizza x 7
capricciosa pizza x 5
ham and mushroom pizza
pepperoni and onion pizza

spaghetti amatriciana x 4
spaghetti with peas
spaghetti carbonara x 2
spaghetti with hot sauce and mushrooms
spaghetti bolognese
spaghetti with onion and tomato and pepper sauce
penne amatriciana
penne with mushrooms, onion, pepper
tagliatelle with porcini, parmesan,
tagliatelle with spinach, mushroom, yoghut, parmesan
tagliatelle bolognese
bacon tomato basil tagliatelle
linguine with hot tomato sauce x 2
linguine with hot tomato sauce
spinach and ricotta ravioli x 2
pasta with tomato mozzarella basil
pasta with tomato, pine nuts, pepper, cheese
ravioli x 3
spinach, ricotta, mushroom rolled pasta
pasta ratatouille

mashed parsnip
lentils in white sauce
parsniproast vegetables with garlic, yoghurt
spicy cauliflower
barbecued corn and mushrooms
ratatouille x 5
aubergine patty
aubergine and olives
spring greens x 5
manges-touts x 3
curly kale
asparagus and spring bean salad
asparagus x 2
avocado salad x 2
avocado vinaigrette x 3
spicy chick peas
courgette and aubergine
cabbage x 3
courgette x 2
tomato basil feta salad
peas x 9
dwarf beans x 2
brussel sprout x 2
green beans x 6
onion bhaji x 25
vegetable curry x 4
rice and soy sauce and courgettes
coconut rice
mushroom and saffron risotto
steamed carrots x 13
carrots and bean shoots and soy
mushroom and courgette stir fry
marrow with tomato, feta and cinammon
fennel salad
braised fennel
leeks in white sauce
roast veg with yoghurt x 3
barbecued vegetables (mushroom, aubergine, pepper)
braised fennel x 4
spinach and onion x 2
spinach pie
spinach yoghurt onion parsley x 4
spinach x 15
spinach with onion and yoghurt
sag bhaji x 3
bindhi bhaji x 3
motor paneer
baby corn
corn on the cob x 4
tin of niblets corn
root vegetables baked in olive oil with sour cream
coconut lentil curry
mango chutney
moto paneer
cauliflower with taramasalata
cauliflower steamed/sauteed in cumin, garlic, cayenne pepper
cauliflower x 2
cauliflower cheese with bacon
mixed salad x3

mince pies x 4

toast and cheese
cheese and baguette
toasted cheese and salami
and on oat cake
muffins and cheese
jarlsberg on bread
edam x 2
toasted cheese and ham sandwich
toast and cheese
toasted cheddar cheese sandwich x 29
cheddar on pitta
cheddar on bread x 2
bread, mustard, cheddar
melted cheddar on muffin x 3
baguette with cheese
buck rarebit
emmenthal cheese on toasted bagel
toast with emmenthal cheese and tomato
emmenthal cheese and tomato on baguette
toast with emmenthal cheese and tomato
edam on toast
stilton x 2
swiss cheese on toast
cream cheese on toast
cream cheese on white bread
toasted pitta with cream cheese x 2
toasted ham and cheese sandwich x 7
ham and cheese and pickle sandwich
oatcakes with jarlsberg
jarlsberg cheese on sunflower bread
onion bread with jarlsberg x 3
bread and jarlsberg x 4
jarlsberg on toast
jarlsberg x 2
jarlsberg on muffin x 2
muffin with jarlsberg
jarlsberg on bagel
jarlsberg on toast x 4
ham and swiss bagel
ham and cheese sandwich x 5
mozarella and ham on focaccia
salami and mozarella baguette
ham and cheese on toasted bagel
melted cheddar cheese and ham on onion bread
emmenthal and ham on onion bread
oat cake with melted cheddar cheese and ham and tomato
babybel cheese
cheddar cheese
runny french cheese
mozzarella, tomato and basil salad

crunchy cereal with sheeps yoghurt x 19
crunchy cereal with greek yoghurt x 14
crunchy cereal with milk x 18
crunchy cereal with low fat yoghurt

apricot fool x 2
rhubarb fool x 2
raspberry fool
vanilla yoghurt
banana yoghurt
banana drinking yoghurt
cherry drinking yoghurt
yoghurt x 2
drinking yoghurt

Thai berry drink
Thai coconut juice

orange x 4
banana x 13
galia melon
satsuma x 26
golden delicious apple x 5
braeburn apple x 2
apple x 13
granny smith apple x 9
apple in yoghurt x 5
pear x 4
grapes x 10
strawberries x 2
baked pears with ginger and yoghurt
nectarine and sour cream
kiwi fruit x6
baked bananas
grapes x 2
plum x 4
mixed berries

toast and marmalade x 36
bread with marmalade x 2
blueberry jam on toast x 2
baguette with cherry jam
baguette with blueberry jam
bread and blueberry jam x 10
bread and jam x 8
bread and strawberry jam x 5
bread and jam x 2
toast and jam x 2
bread with cherry jam
cholla with cherry jam x 2
cherry jam on toast x 3
cherry jam on white bread x 3
cherry jam on toast x 2
strawberry jam on bread x 6
strawberry jam on toast x 2
myrtle jam on white toast
rye toast with blueberry jam
toasted oat cakes with blueberry jam
bagel with jam x 2
toast and jam x 21
bread and jam x 13
cholla and jam
croissants and rolls x 2
almond croissant x 4
pain au chocolate x 4

white bread with butter x
toast with ham, mustard, mayonnaise
bruschetta x 2
onion bagel x 2
nan x 4
peshwari nan x 2
english muffin x 5

almonds and raisins

salt and vinegar crisps x 10
cheese and onion crisps x 2
ready salted crisps

roast potatoes x 6
curried potato and cauliflower
potatoes dauphinoises
sweet potato and parsnip and chilli stew
boiled potatoes x 4
baked potato
mashed potatoes
potato salad x 8
mashed potato and jerusalem artichoke x 2
sauteed potatoes x 2
baked potato with sour cream
pepperonata with potatoes
bag of chips x 4
French fries x 3
home fries x 4

popcorn x 12

spinach salad x 2
green salad x 11
mixed salad x 26
caesars salad x 10

evian water x
fruit salad

greek mezzes x 2
(lamb chops), (lamb kebab), tarama, hummus, babaganoush, pitta, sesame bread, smoked mackerel, fried mushrooms, lamb kleftiko, fried squid
hummus x 25 (with pitta, bread)
carrot and hummus x 2
sunflower seeds

bloody mary x 30
screwdriver x 7
vodka martini x 4
vodka tonic x 6
margarita x 4
stolichnaya on rocks x 6
stolichnaya x 13
rowan berry vodka
vodka x 7
sea breeze cocktails
gin martini x 4
whiskey sour x 14
old granddad on rocks x 7
scotch whisky
paddy’s whiskey x 5
jamesons x 38
black bush x 4
jack daniels x 44
makers mark
glenfiddich x 3

margarita x 11

pinot grigio x 2
cabernet sauvignon x 2
Entre-deux mers
Chateau Ortolan
orivieto classico
Chateau Darsac
claret x 3
sparkling wine
red wine x 62
chablis x 4
petit chablis x 2
portugese red
champagne x 15
pink champagne
Macon Lugny x 2
Gallo chardonnay x 3
chianti x 2
white wine x 40
navarra white wine x 5
napa valley brut x 4
bandol rosé x 3
cassis white wine x 4
cassis rosé

bas armagnac
martell brandy
cyprus brandy

caffrey’s ale
dos equis x 3
becks x 4
Old Peculiar beer x 3
kingfisher beer
fosters beer
Carlsberg special brew
stella artois beer x 9
Guinness x 121
Bishops Finger beer x 2
Greek beer
Chinese beer
peroni beer x 17
heineken x 2
red stripe x 8
Tiger beer x 3
budvar beer x 6
budweiser x 2

coffee x 374
tea x 8
lapsong souchong x 2
earl grey tea x 2
peppermint tea x 4
iced mint tea
camomile tea x 2

apple juice x 120
grapefruit juice x 69
orange juice x 130

christmas pudding
stollen cake
chocolate cheesecake
chocolate cake x 2
chocolate fruit cake
strawberry cream cake
pear tart x 3
apricot tart
upside down tart
rhubarb tart
apple tart with vanilla ice cream x 2
almond pastry x 2
pecan pie x 6
lemon cake x 2
lemon tart x 3
apple strudel x 5
stewed fruits with cream and yoghurt
strawberrys and raspberrys and ice cream
rice pudding
jelly babies
chocolate orange peel
chocolate minstrels
plain chocolate
crunch bar
red liquorice
apple tart x 2
mint chocolate
apple tart
chocolate orange
coconut chocolate bar
chocolate brownie
almond slice

wallaby bar x 9

mixed berry ice cream
butter pecan ice cream
chunky monkey ice cream x 2
‘99’ ice cream
mixed fruit ice cream
mars ice cream
aero ice cream
mint chocolate cornetto
choc and nut cornetto
solero ice cream x 2
almond magnum ice cream
haagen daaz belgian chocolate ice cream x 6
chocolate ice cream
chocolate chip ice cream
losely vanilla ice cream x 2
pistachio ice cream
rocky road ice cream
bounty bar ice cream
feast bar ice cream

chocolate muffin
turkish delight x 2
banana split
pear crumble x 2
plain chocolate biscuits
plain chocolate x 2
malted milk biscuits x 2
opal fruits
Lindt plain chocolate easter egg
cadburys mini eggs x2
cadburys creme egg x 5
jaffa cakes x 2
after eights
chocolate prunes
chocolate ginger
chocolate raisins
mars bar x 7
chocolate fish x 2
Roses easter egg
chocolate easter egg with jellied fruit
wine gums x 3
fruit pastilles
chocolate chemical pudding
liebkuchen x 8
cinammon balls x 2
maryland cookies x 2
choco leibniz biscuits
chocolate mousse
tracker x 3
boasters x 11
digestive biscuit x 5
strawberry whip x 2
marzipan in plain chocolate x 4
plain chocolate digestives
fry’s turkish delight x 2
terry’s chocolate orange
terry’s neapolitans
Terry’s plain Waifa
hershey kisses
hershey kisses with almonds
chocolate minstrels
hershey chocolate kisses
pepperidge farm chocolate cookies x 5
chocolate chip cookies
p farm selection
p farm ‘milano’
p farm ‘milano’ with double chocolate
p farm ‘brussels’
pepperridge farm cookies x 4
chocolate ‘baron’